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Contrary to Popular Belief, There Is
No Such Thing As A “One-Size-Fits-All”
Solution To Windows.

Window Replacement Bowie MD

Windows Need To Be Customized To Fit Your Exact Needs—
Then They Need To Be Installed Perfectly.

You must understand that even the best windows in the world will fail if they are not installed correctly. This is the reason why we rarely, if ever, recommend a stock-size or stock-configuration of window.

These types of windows are designed to be a “one-size-fits-all” type of product. These types of products do not and will not meet the exacting needs of today’s homes… let alone the exacting needs of today’s homeowners.

In almost every instance, the best solution is to have your unit customized in one or more ways so that it is the “perfect” window for your home.

Is it more expensive to do it this way? The short answer is Yes and No.

Window Replacement Service

You see, in our 20+ years of experience we have noticed that while it might be more money up front for a higher quality custom built window, in the long run you actually save money on labor costs as well as in product longevity, energy savings, and resale (recoupment) value. As a result, at the end of the day, you pay about the same amount of money but for a much higher quality product and install.

You see, at Energy Wizard, your window is custom built so it is a “perfect fit”. There is no wasted time or labor on trying to make a “stock” window fit into your “non-stock” frame.

Think about it, no two homes are built exactly alike and despite what you may have been told, window frames are never “exact.” That’s why precise measurements must be taken and why windows need to be custom built.

Window Repair Bowie MD

Not only do we offer one of the best windows on the market today, our windows offer so many features and options that they allow us the ability to customize them to fit your exact needs and your home’s unique style.

We know these products extremely well and we know all the ways in which we can customize them. Most contractors or home centers do not.

Bottom Line: We have the knowledge, the patience, the desire and the skills to make sure your replacement windows are a perfect match for your home and that they are installed perfectly. We strive to select and customize each window to the “T”. In fact, we can even make custom interior and exterior trim to match your existing trim exactly as necessary.

Remember, at Energy Wizard, We Never Let A Customer Down… PERIOD.

Window Repair Services

Windows Can Account For Up To 30% Of Your Annual Energy Bill.
That Means That Your Windows Could Be Stealing
More Money Out Of Your Pocket Than The IRS on A Bad Day.

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