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Remodel Your Kitchen, Not Your Lifestyle

Posted on December 30, 2015.

kitchen remodel

Let's face it- no home is perfect. Whether you've come to adore the little quirks of your home, or you despair every time you try to cook dinner, you've probably learned to adjust your lifestyle to the eccentricities of your home. If you're considering a kitchen remodel in Bowie, MD, it's important to stay on top of the trends. Beyond that, make sure your kitchen remodel fits your lifestyle.

If the extent of your cooking abilities revolves around coffee and the 18 different methods you have of brewing it, dedicate a space to your coffee makers, filters, coffee beans, espresso machines, and milk frothing pot. Keep your favorite coffee mugs there, any syrups, sugars, or sprinkles you like to add, and every morning will be like waking up to your own private coffee shop.

If you love big family dinners with children running in and out and extended family pitching in to cook the meal, a large island with plenty of counter space and lots of outlets gives everyone a place to congregate. Consider a double oven so you can get everything on the table at once, and make sure to have a counter area where the overflow guests can pull up a chair or kids can pitch in to help.

Two cooks might call for an extra-wide sink and a six-burner stove, with plenty of room to dance around each other. If you're a wine connoisseur, incorporate a wet bar with plenty of storage for glassware and a wine fridge close at hand. Additional storage in the same area for red wines will keep the party in one place, with you at the center of it.

Love to brew beer? See if you can find a way to incorporate a kegerator into your kitchen plan. You might even want to fit an extra refrigerator in for storing all of those delicious bottles of homebrew.

Whatever your preference, make sure that your kitchen remodel in Bowie, MD fits your lifestyle. Incorporate current trends when they are appropriate, but most importantly, make it the kitchen of your dreams, not someone else's.