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Sunroom FAQ

How much does a sunroom cost?

A sunroom costs only slightly less than a similarly-sized conventional addition – but will add much more to your home and quality of family life than just an ordinary room. Any time you want to add space, light, and an airy, open feel to your home, consider a Four Seasons glass room addition. As to specific costs, there are many variables to be considered before making an estimate — everything from size and style of the room to drainage considerations at the site can affect pricing. That’s why we offer a free, no-obligation, on-site design consultation.

How long will it take to complete my addition?

How long your construction project will take depends on the size and complexity of your sunroom — but typically, we can finish your new glass room addition in as little as 3 to 10 days, depending on the complexity.

We use modular construction and established designs, so all of our glass room additions are completed much faster than any ordinary addition would be. We understand that you’ll be living at home while we work, so we will complete the project as quickly, efficiently, quietly, and unobtrusively as possible.

Can I really use a sunroom year-round, doesn’t it cost a fortune to heat it and cool it?

Yes, you can use a Sunroom 365 days a year. And no, it won’t cost a fortune to keep it comfortable…IF you use the right contractor and your contractor installs the sunroom using the highest quality materials and hardware.

You see, a large part of the energy efficiency derived in a sunroom will come from the quality of glass used. If the glass used is of low quality and has low efficiency ratings then you can expect to pay large sums of money on keeping your sunroom comfortable.

But don’t worry, our energy efficient glass package is extremely energy-efficient and beautiful, so your heating and cooling bills should be comparable to what they would be if you added an ordinary room.

How much space do I need to build a glass room addition or solarium?

Additions can be virtually any size, from a compact balcony to a sweeping backyard conservatory.

Don’t sunrooms leak?

Our sunrooms are guaranteed to be leak-free.

Can I open the windows in a sunroom?

Any of our glass additions can be outfitted with your choice of windows, doors — even skylights. Windows are available as sliding, casement and double hung while doors are available as sliders, French doors, or single swing doors.