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Build A Deck.

Deck Installation Bowie MD

If you don’t believe us, here’s what US NEWS MAGAZINE had to say about it:

“Building an outdoor living space — such as a deck — might not seem like a particularly appealing proposition for many homeowners. But as the housing market continues its downward slope and the economy slumps in a recession, building a deck can be a smart way for property owners to maintain or even improve their home's value.

After all, it's less expensive than building an additional room but still enables homeowners to expand their living space. "It's safe to say that a deck is one of the more cost-effective things you can do," says Robert Markovich, home and yard editor for Consumer Reports.

"Decks are really a high-return item."

Deck Installer Bowie MD

Remodeling Magazine's "Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report for 2014" found that more than 85% of the cost of building a wooden deck could be recouped during resale.

"When most people build a deck, it adds pretty much dollar-for-dollar [value]," says Michael H. Evans, president of Evans Appraisal Service.

Comparing costs and benefits as it pertains to outdoor living situations, U.S. News & World Report consulted the manager of the western area of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association, Paul Mackie. He was kind enough to explain why building a deck is a pretty smart idea in today’s economic climate:

“In 2007 a person building a deck would recoup about 85% of the cost during resale. Today, according to the 2014 Cost vs. Value report from Remodeling magazine, adding a deck will give you an average of about 87% return on your investment. That is phenomenal staying power and a testament as to the resale value of a deck addition over the life of a home.”

Vinyl Decking

But your return on investment is directly tied to the type of material you use in the construction. For example:

Wood Decking

Despite looking great, carries some addition cumulative costs in maintenance.

Composite Decking

Looks great since it contains wood but requires less maintenance.

Vinyl Decking

Lasts the longest and helps your deck look better over a longer period of time, adding to the resale value despite how long it’s been around with a minimum of maintenance costs.

Ultimately the type of material you want to use is totally up to you.

Deck Installer

Bottom Line: A great, cost-effective way of maintaining the resale value of your house is to construct a deck. Contact us for ideas to help you construct your deck and add to the splendor of your home.

The decking material we carry covers a wide range, making sure we can offer the exact material you need to fulfil your remodeling dreams.