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About Us

People Want Value, Honesty and Respect -
These are the pillars on which our company is built.

My wife and I started this business with one goal in mind – to provide the absolute best customer service and best dollar value to our customers that we possibly can…and it’s why we are adamant about treating each and every one of our customers like they are family.

My wife and I both started out our careers in customer service and over the years we started to realize that customer service in this country was only getting worse and that companies were willing to do almost anything to pad their profits. From importing cheaper materials from China to short changing vendors and contractors. We quit our very lucrative jobs, disgusted with the industry.

Shortly thereafter we decided to start our own company – vowing to be different.

As we said before:

How could my wife or I, who live, work, and play in the same community as are clients, look at each other in the eyes, or look at you, our friends, or our neighbors in the eye if we did not take that trust seriously, or if we were perfectly content to do shoddy work, or if we were a take the money and run company? The bottom line is that we couldn’t.

Look, at the end of the day a home improvement / remodel is about more than just money, or roofs, or windows, or anything else…it really is about one thing and one thing only… Your Family. You see, we know that your friends, family, children or even grand-children eat, live, and sleep under “your roof;” when you ask for a remodel what you are really doing is trusting us with their safety, security and well-being. This is a sacred trust and one that we take very, very seriously…it’s why our clients are not clients…THEY ARE FAMILY and that is the reason why we will never let a customer down – regardless of the cost - PERIOD.